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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Supersize Litter: 4/10/11

This week's collection:

Cheetos, scraps from local newspapers, a menthol smoker's refuse, a spread from Parade "magazine," landscaping tags, napkins, styrofoam, etc. 

I assume this box belonged to some folks moving in down the street earlier this week.  It was pretty windy, and you never know when I might need to borrow a Big Spoon (or some knives...), so I tried not to grumble as I detangled this from our azaleas to put into recycling. (And yes, new flats from TJ Maxx...cute, huh?)  That, alas, wasn't the biggest piece of sh*t in our yard this week.

This was. Storms here earlier in the week downed trees and power lines all over, so I guess we were lucky that this chunk o' tree only took out a gutter, a shutter, and a few shingles. And yes, it was that Bradford pear I was just disparaging a few weeks ago... Another one squashed my parents' car. Are those trees out to get us or what? Just checked Wikipedia, and apparently the species is known more for its "weak crotches" than for its evil plotting to overthrow humanity, but I'm still suspicious. Hope everybody else fared OK!


  1. You remember what we went through with our Bradford pear tree....Ended up taking it down completely. Every time we had a storm a big chunk would fall somewhere.

  2. That's right, I do remember that! We need to do the same and just get rid of the sliver of tree that's left before it falls and takes out the power line and blocks the road...

  3. What--are you hatin' on Parade "magazine?"

  4. Never! Though I did always prefer USA Weekend...

  5. Sh*t in my yard? "Weak crotches?" You pick up a lot of gross stuff? There's a theme here.

  6. Thanks, HarriMiami! $19.99 Elie Taharis, which I didn't actually need, but very comfy!

  7. Guilty as charged, Infauxtainer--no shying away from scatology and other biological ickiness here. And did you catch that piss-filled Pepsi bottle?
    Yuck. With that kind of stuff, used condoms, Kleenex, napkins, etc., we're gathering a wide selection of litterbug DNA out here.