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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Yard and Beyond: 2/20/11

Today's collection indicates that folks have been eating SpongeBob candy, smoking Newports sparked up with Bic lighters, and bargain-hunting at Family Dollar (no receipts this time, though).  A few specifics:

Here's where all the Newports got smoked: at the corner. I only counted 13 butts on our corner, though; our neighbors had 27.

This should look familiar to those of you who tuned in last week. It's another bit of that shredded menu. Note the Deputy Hot Dog.  (Why oh why is it not the "Deputy Dawg"? Guess them varmints were scared of infringing on any trademarked 'toons.)

Here we have some sort of tag thingamajig from Time Warner Cable (if I had known they were in the neighborhood, I could've had them check why we aren't getting IFC in HD). Also a metal part from something that I hope was not somebody's car engine.

Those who read my first post have probably been wondering where the prophylactic-related litter has been lately. Well, it's your lucky day--a recent passerby apparently wanted to let us know that he's been using LifeStyles, ribbed, with reservoir tip. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thought this might actually be something cool.  Spotted these ceramic/pottery shards poking out of the dirt under a tree, where some roots have recently been uncovered. I'm going to imagine that they're from an earlier time. Our neighbor a few houses down lives on land once owned by a blacksmith, so they occasionally find horseshoes and such when they have to dig. Maybe our corner belonged to the town potter? Or more likely, somebody just tossed the dish they ate their pot pie off of out the car window when they finished...

Last up: I took a walk after cleaning my yard and decided to look for the nastiest piece of trash I could find along the way, without leaving the sidewalk. The golden yellow color didn't come through very well in the photo, but let me make this clear: That's not Pepsi in that Pepsi bottle. I'm sorry to report that I did NOT pick this up.


  1. Good call on the Pepsi w/ the yello stuff. Yuck. I finally started my blog! Check it out at lilmuna.blogspot.com

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to check it out.

  3. Another astounding contribution to the science of garbology!

  4. My parents always wanted me to be a scientist ...

  5. At least the passerby was thinking of his lady, and not just himself, when he purchased the ribbed.